3 Nov

Let’s be real–oftentimes what you look forward to most in college are those recurring parties which always promise to be fun.  Halloween is no exception! Everyone gets dressed up and goes to one area of off-campus houses where there’s a tent, a band, and pretty much everyone you know.  At W&L sororities dress up according to pledge class–i.e, seniors, juniors, and sophomores all have group costumes.  It’s easy to keep track of everyone! And it’s always funny to see large groups of trolls, teeth, ghostbusters, and pink ladies running around . . . my pledge were wizards! Plenty of spell-casting going on.  Halloween is a great opportunity to let loose, look silly, and try to forget your schoolwork for one night.  And I’ve got to say, W&L knows how to throw a pretty good party.

-Taylor McPherson ’14

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