Dress Up for Practice!

20 Oct

Despite the long practices and constant soreness, on days like this past Thursday I am reminded of a main reason I am a varsity athlete here at W&L…to have fun! I am on the lacrosse team, which is actually a spring sport, but we are allowed 16 practices in the fall. Thursday practices are my favorite because the team is divided into “small sided” teams (about 5 players on a team) for tournament-style games. The coaches keep track of the scores each week and at the end of the fall season the scores are tallied up to determine a winner. The last Thursday of fall ball, each team gets to pick a costume that they have to wear for the whole practice. The coaches rank us based on our outfits and give us points accordingly that are then added to our total score. Little did we know, the practice was going to begin with a run around campus! The coaches sent us off, a crowd of girls in turkey suits, leather vests, tutus, even diapers! I was pretty embarrassed until I remembered that my teammates around me were all wearing something just as ridiculous as me. After the run, we began the tournament. Even though we were all running around the field in crazy costumes, everyone stayed focused and worked really hard…and of course, had a blast! Image


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