Parents’ Weekend 2013

9 Oct

This weekend was Parents’ Weekend at W&L. Even though I only live a few hours away in Richmond, I rarely go home because I enjoy being on campus. This was my first chance to see my parents since I came back to Lexington, and I was excited to spend time with them. They came into town on Thursday night and accompanied me to class on Friday. As expected, my professor welcomed my parents and was eager to include them in activities. I didn’t see my parents during the day on Saturday because I had to take the LSAT that morning. I was grateful that W&L hosts one of the testing centers so I didn’t have to waste time traveling that day.

On Saturday evening, my parents made reservations for the three of us at the House Mountain Inn for dinner. It was one of the few restaurants nearby that I hadn’t visited yet, so I was excited to see what the place was like. The restaurant’s atmosphere embraced its cozy location in the mountains with elements such as wood paneling lining the walls. The food was delicious and the view overlooking the mountains was astounding. It reminded me that Lexington is such a pretty place, especially in the fall.


– Olivia Davis ’14


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