Lovely Lex!

9 Oct


One of the best parts about going to school in Lexington, VA is the beautiful scenery in and surrounding the town, especially this time of year! Last weekend, I had a few instances that made me really appreciate this added bonus of going to school at W&L. First, I was driving out to windfall hill (an area with student houses) to pick up some friends. I was able to catch the end of a gorgeous sunset from the top of the hill. Of course, my friends and I got out of the car and took lots of pictures! Then, on my way back through town I noticed a giant rainbow hovering over the narrow Lexington streets. The next morning it was a nice, crisp temperature outside so I decided to take a drive with some of my lacrosse teammates. We drove about fifteen minutes outside of town to a farm overlooking some mountains. It was very relaxing being able to get away from the often chaotic and busy campus life and just take in the scenery. Virginia is full of pretty hilltop views, mountains, and cute towns like Lexington. I am so blessed to be able to go to school in such a pretty place!


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