Study Abroad: London

28 Sep

Greetings from Chicago, prospective Generals!

I’m sitting at O’Hare airport waiting for my plane to Heathrow (London, United Kingdom) to board! The plane that will take me on a 9 month study abroad journey at The London School of Economics and Political Science (aka LSE). Leaving a place like Washington and Lee , not to mention leaving for an entire academic year, is extremely difficult. I will miss Homecoming and Parents Weekend, my sorority’s Pancake Breakfast and Kickball Tournament, not to mention some of my good friends graduating in May.

However, this opportunity is not one that comes knocking at your door every day. LSE is academically one of the best in the world, has hundreds of different student groups, and is located in a city with over 8 million other people. Check it out here! This is the experience of a lifetime.

So, while I may miss W&L dearly, I said my goodbyes to all of my friends and am so excited to be studying abroad! Our study abroad team is always available for a meeting. They’ll help you decide where to travel, where to study while you’re there, and, when you’re ready, they’ll prepare you for your journey. There are a ton of amazing programs waiting for you to find them! So get to it.

And me? Well, I’ve just been called to board the plane. My adventure is beginning…now.



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