Student Government

22 Mar

The polls opened this morning for the first round of our annual Student Government elections. Today we (Undergrads and Law students) voted for our new Executive Committee President, Vice President, and Secretary, as well as for our Student Judicial Council Chairman and Secretary. These two boards, called the EC and the SJC, are important aspects of our tradition of student self-governance at Washington and Lee, but we have multiple governing bodies on campus.

Executive Committee: Our Student Government, the EC oversees budget allocations for student organizations, student programming, and is responsible for upholding our Honor System.

Student Judicial Council: The SJC is responsible for investigating non-honor violations.

Student Faculty Hearing Board: The SFHB is made up of student and faculty representatives that are specially trained to investigate allegations of harassment or sexual misconduct.

Interfraternity Council: The IFC serves to oversee the male greek community, promote programming and leadership development, and to hear cases regarding misconduct within the Greek community.

Panhellenic Council: The Panhellenic Council promotes programming and leadership development within the female greek community and serves as the governing body and conduct board in the case of organizational misconduct.


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