This is why W&L

7 Mar
Image by Steele Burrow '13

Image by Steele Burrow ’13

I was just looking through my Facebook feed when I saw this picture of my friend Freddy snowboarding on the Colonnade. I was immediately struck by the image and couldn’t wait until tomorrow to post it for you all because it combines so much of what I love about W&L. The four seasons and the occasional (much-needed) snow day. The gorgeous campus and the historic Colonnade buildings. Student initiative, seen in a makeshift ramp ski’s to take full advantage of every inch of fleeting snow. The sense of community and the friendships that are on display. The amazing talents of my peers like Steele Burrow, the photographer of this image and the President of our Executive Committee.

In this image I see the past and present of W&L, as well its the endless potential and bright future, and I see what makes this school special. Maybe I am still a bit giddy about a few days off of school, or maybe, although a bit sappy, I am not the only one who feels that way about this image or W&L.

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