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8 Feb
One of our German Study Abroad programs

One of our German Study Abroad programs

The German section of the German and Russian Department offers its students a varied, stimulating choice of courses in beginning, intermediate and advanced German language, German literature from the Middle Ages through the 20th century, German culture and civilization, and specialized courses, including Performing German, Business German and literature in translation. We also offer a minor in German.

We strongly encourage all German majors and minors to avail themselves of an opportunity to study in a German-speaking country. The Washington and Lee “Bayrische Studienwochen” (Bavarian Study Weeks) is a total immersion academic program in southern Germany directed by the department faculty. Students wishing a longer experience abroad may take advantage of the semester-long program with the University of Bayreuth or arrange with the Director of International Education to have credits transferred from another university’s study abroad program. The Department is committed to helping qualified students obtain internships or other work experiences in German-speaking countries.

The German and Russian Department encourages promising German students by presenting six endowed awards annually, two each at the beginning, intermediate and advanced levels, for academic accomplishment. German majors with high overall academic averages are invited to cap off their degrees by writing a thesis to earn the “Honors” distinction. All German majors and minors are encouraged to participate in the annual production of a full-length play in German in the Lenfest Center for the Performing Arts. Finally, the German Club provides social activities within a German cultural context.

Recent graduates with German majors are enjoying exciting and varied careers in such areas as publications, industry, law, international banking and teaching. Some have held internships with German companies which have led to employment after graduation.

For more information on the German Department, click here.


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