Tour Guide Spotlight: Annie Zhang ’13

6 Feb

Annie Zhang ’13

Hometown: Canton, MI

Major(s)/Minor(s): Economics/Philosophy

What clubs/activities are you involved in on campus? Washington and Lee Student Consulting, Honor Advocate for Executive Committee, University Lectures Committee, General Development Initiative, Model United Nations, Economic research with professor, work/study in Office of Special Programs, Student Recruitment Committee

How are you involved in the Lexington community? Through the Poverty Fieldwork Course, my placement was with a local lawyer in town who represents court appointed cases as part of his workload. My experience observing cases and various steps of the process has helped me develop an interest in the implications of poverty on the legal system. I have taken the initiative to speak with the director of the Department of Social Services located in Lexington to pursue a project that would better address the needs of the impoverished part of the community. In addition, through my experience in Washington and Lee Student Consulting, we often work with several local clients to improve their business and contribute to the local economy.

Favorite weekend activity? Get a full ten hours of sleep and enjoy the day with friends. There’s nothing that feels better than relaxing after a hard week of classes, meetings, and various extracurricular activities. The slow pace of the weekend is especially soothing. I also enjoy exploring the town and during spring term, go tubing and hiking.

Favorite thing about Lexington? I never expected to go to college in a rural area but Lexington is the best small town to live in because of its quaint appeal mixed with the active university. I love walking down the streets of Lexington and exploring the many shops. Before I graduate, I want to take a tour of the town by horse carriage that is offered on the weekends. Lexington is full of history and legends that is open to exploration.

What’s your favorite W&L memory? I frequently think of how fortunate I am to be at Washington and Lee because of the many great people I have met and the limitless opportunities that are available. It is really difficult to select a favorite W&L memory but orientation week is definitely a favorite. There is constant excitement and each time, you realize just how much you have become attached to the company and the environment.

What’s the best encounter you’ve had with a faculty or staff member? One of the reasons why I selected W&L is due to small class sizes and strong professor-student relationships. Although there are many favorable encounters, my very first experience was with my Economics 101 professor. During spring term of my freshmen year, I was applying to various internships in the hopes of finding something substantial to do that summer. I decided to email some of my professor sand express my interest in the topic that I had taken with them. I also emphasized that I wanted to apply what I had learned by helping them with any research projects that they are working on. My economics professor asked me to meet with him and during our conversation, we developed a research project that reflected my interests. He has spent so much time patiently teaching me the intricacies of economics research and topics that I have never encountered before.


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