New Recruits

28 Jan

Seniors from High School are not the only people that want to come to Washington and Lee. There are also transfers and a number of students from abroad. But the people I want to talk about are the people who could be teaching you in the next few years, the teachers. I am a Math Major and currently the Math department is looking for a new teacher. Any guesses on how many applications have been received…. Almost. The number is over 500, around 575 I believe. Not the best chances to get the job, but the great thing about being at W&L is that for many students they get a chance to help their given departments. I was lucky enough to take one of the people interviewing for the job position in the Math department to lunch. It was a lot of fun and quite the honor. It shows you just how much the faculty and school value the opinions of the students because afterwards I had to give a report on the perspective teacher. (Overall, he passed with flying colors) So not only can you be involved with the teachers at the school now when at W&L, but you can help the school pick its teachers for the future!


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