The Center for Global Learning

23 Jan
Artist's rendering of Center for Global Learning at W&L

Artist’s rendering of Center for Global Learning at W&L

While we students are very proud of our campus, there is generally one building that we avoid whenever possible is dreaded DuPont. I know this blog is meant to sell you on W&L (as if that were a difficult task) but even our fantastic campus in beautiful Lexington is not perfect. Luckily for us, however, change has been sweeping through due to our Capital Campaign that has funded new programs, increased scholarships, brought new technology to campus, endowed professorships, and renovated many buildings on campus. The Colonnade renovation has passed the halfway point as Washington Hall was unveiled in February, and after Tucker is finished in a few years, attention will be turned to DuPont at the end of Stemmons Plaza.

Formerly the arts building, DuPont is now home to classrooms for an assortment of courses, often in the humanities. In the future, it will become home to the Center for Global Learning on campus, creating a place on campus to study the ever-increasing globalization we live among. Although I am sad I won’t get to study in this new building before graduation, it is so exciting to see the plans underway to really modernize W&L. Check out this news release regarding a pretty large donation to the fund, and to find out more about the Center of Global Learning.


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