Department Details: Chemistry

19 Jan
A Chemistry lab room at W&L

A Chemistry lab room at W&L

Upon completing a major in chemistry or biochemistry, our students will understand essential chemical principles and have a foundation of factual chemical knowledge on which they may build in the future. Our students will develop intellectual skills that they may use to solve problems in chemistry and beyond. Our students will learn to use the chemical literature and learn to communicate scientific results both orally and in writing. Our students will have the opportunity to develop a wide range of technical skills as a result of working with modern laboratory technology, while simultaneously developing basic competence in laboratory techniques, skills, practices, including basic laboratory safety skills. Finally, our students will learn to work as part of a team and understand ethical practices in chemistry.

We serve students with varied interests. These students include, but are not restricted to: those pursuing careers in the chemical sciences directly upon graduation or after further studies; those pursuing careers in the Health Professions; those pursuing careers in branches of the natural sciences other than chemistry; and those who will study chemistry as part of W&L’s Foundations and Distributions requirements or for purposes of scientific literacy.

For more information on the Chemistry department click here.

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