Defining ‘Beautiful’

18 Jan

ImageUsually, my favorite days to give tours are the days when the sun is radiating directly above campus, reflecting off every building and sidewalk of W&L, and every color on campus is more vivid than even an Instagram effect can mimic.

However, today I discovered a new beautiful.  When the campus is completely covered in a blanket of snow, the contrast of the pure white and the deep mahogany brick enhances the color scheme of this campus even more than the rays of bright sunlight.  Snow outlines and highlights the buildings and the trees, and draws even more attention to everything about this campus that I love.  The sun reflects off every snowflake and creates a breathtaking view everywhere I go on campus, making my day here seem even more picturesque.  The school photographer should be snapping away today, but even he can’t do this beautiful day justice.



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