Simply put

13 Jan

It has become a joke in my family that wherever we travel, if I am wearing a W&L piece of clothing, someone will stop me and ask about the school. When I was in Montana during the summer I was stopped while on a hike and asked about the greek system. The person who stopped me hadn’t even gone to Washington and Lee. They simply had a friend who was in Sigma Chi. These types of events have happened to me in airports, at restaurants, and while just walking around. Most recently, this winter break, I was stopped in Key West by a family who had close friends who had attended W&L.

Now, I do not know about this for everyone, but when I see other college apparel being worn by someone I do not stop them and ask them about the school. Is it the history of our school? Is it the tradition? Honor system? Greek life? Or the surrounding natural beauty of the Blue Ridge that makes people talk to me about W&L? I believe that it is a combination of all of these. Not many schools can create an atmosphere where so many unique ingredients are so nicely combined into one setting. This rare result is Washington and Lee. There is no other place like it, and many people who did not even attend here recognize that. It intrigues people and catches their eye. It is a school that people want to know more about and are proud to say that have some connection with. Simply put, it is Washington and Lee.

One Response to “Simply put”

  1. C. M. Pelnik January 14, 2013 at 12:08 pm #

    nice article, Eric. 🙂

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