Greek Member Development

10 Jan

Both men and women on campus are this week going through formal rush, at the end of which each fraternity and sorority will have new members.  This week is a good opportunity to briefly highlight my experience as a fraternity man in order to demonstrate how W&L’s Greek culture can be a tremendous boon to our students.

One of the biggest benefits of being a member of my fraternity, Sigma Phi Epsilon, has been our four-year development program, which is based in the philosophy of “sound mind, sound body” and which replaces pledging in our chapter.  Since I have been a brother we have had numerous dinner lectures by professors, athletic opportunities, and so on.  I was recently named a finalist for our Tragos Quest to Greece, a ten day mental and physical challenge with brothers from across the country this summer.  In addition to these specific development opportunities, my GPA has increased significantly since I’ve had the support of a fraternity for my academic work.

Most people considering W&L definitely know that we have a strong Greek system, but many are unaware of the many benefits that can come from membership.  In addition to having found the best friends of my life, I have benefited from all the development activities mentioned above and more.  The Greek community is excited for our new members this year, and for future classes of new members in the years to come.

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