Tour Guide Spotlight: Sarah Jessee ’14

2 Jan

Sarah Jessee ’14

Hometown: Roanoke, VA

Major(s)/Minor(s): Politics and Philosophy

What clubs/activities are you involved in on campus? Mock Convention – Public Relations Committee, Fancy Dress Committee, RUF (Reformed University Fellowship), greek life (Kappa Kappa Gamma), and Relay for Life.

How are you involved in the Lexington community? Through public relations with Mock Con and Relay for Life I have had the chance to get involved with the community.

What are some of your other hobbies/interests? I played volleyball, swimming, and tennis in high school. I am hoping to go to law school and like to travel.

Favorite weekend activity? Going to lunch or dinner in town with friends. It is a fun way to get away from campus and get to know new friends better.

Favorite thing about Lexington? It’s a small city but everything you need you can walk to. Since the community is so small, it gives a comfortable, homey feel to the city.

What’s your favorite W&L memory? My favorite W&L memory so far is our bid night sleepover. The Cadavers surprised us at the house. It was the first time we had seen the cadavers and it made the night that much more exciting.

What’s the best encounter you’ve had with a faculty or staff member? Going to office hours with my teachers has really helped me understand the subject better but more importantly it allows me to get to know the teachers, and the teachers to get to know me.



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