Tour Guide Spotlight: Claire Higginbotham

28 Dec

Claire Higginbotham ’14

Hometown: Memphis, TN

Major(s)/Minor(s): Math and Spanish

What clubs/activities are you involved in on campus? Kappa Delta Sorority, Adopt-a-Classroom Literacy Campaign, RUF

How are you involved in the Lexington community? I volunteer for the Adopt-a-Classroom Literacy Campaign where I read to 3rd graders weekly and organize activities that reinforce the message of the book.

What are some of your other hobbies/interests? RUF, running

Favorite weekend activity? Going out to eat or into town. The band parties are really fun, and I love whenever KD has a mixer.

Favorite thing about Lexington?  It’s beautiful! Also, pretty much everything is in walking distance, and the community is very friendly. I love how the University is the main focus of the town and how almost everyone in Lexington is involved with W&L.

What’s your favorite W&L memory? I’ve absolutely loved every minute here, so it’s hard for me to choose a favorite memory. However, I distinctly remember the first time I referred to W&L as my home. Exhausted during rush week, I spoke without thinking when I said how glad I was to be back home after Christmas Break. The transition process was so natural and easy that I adjusted to the school before I had even realized. How quickly the students feel at home and become involved here is one of my favorite aspects of the school.

What’s the best encounter you’ve had with a faculty or staff member? I really enjoy meeting with my advisor. She’s always willing to help me organize my schedule for the semester and help me get into my preferred classes. I have found that having an advisor to help ease the process of registering and choosing classes really makes the process less stressful.



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