Department Details: Accounting

21 Dec

The C-School

The accounting major at W&L  is part of the Williams School (C-School) of Commerce. The program builds on the liberal arts course foundation, increasing analytical and communication skills while providing knowledge necessary to work in any number of business areas. Majors take a combination of accounting, economics, and business administration courses which prepares them for a variety of jobs.

Washington and Lee accounting majors have enjoyed great success in receiving offers of career positions in prestigious firms in recent years. Quite a number move into positions after graduation which come their way as a direct result of internships that they occupied during the summer following their junior or senior years.

About one-third of our graduating seniors are recruited by Big Four accounting firms. Another third go to appointments in prestigious investment and commercial banking firms, such as J. P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs, UBS, Wells Fargo, and Bank of America. The remaining third follow a variety of paths after graduation, including attending highly regarded law schools or graduate programs in business or accounting.

Click for more information on the Accounting major or the Williams School!


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