My Why W&L

16 Dec
My Why W&L

My Why W&L

Ok, so I didn’t choose W&L just because it had coat hooks outside its classrooms, but it actually did play a pretty big role in my decision. During one of my many tours (it took me a long time to accept that my Dad had found the college I wanted to go to) I went through Washington Hall where I saw these coat hooks line the hallway. Immediately I was hit with a feeling of illogical nostalgia and began picturing myself trudging through snow (uphill both ways) to the Colonnade for class in the long gone era of ‘Love Story’-like academia. I imagined stomping my boots and shaking out my coat before pushing open the white double-doors of Washington Hall to enter into a building filled with knowledge, a world where we still wrote our essays by hand and Mark Zuckerberg had not yet been born.

Clearly, the coat hooks struck a chord with me and, oddly enough, and led me to realize what I truly wanted in a University. That idyllic academic experience that was conjured up in my head was alive and well at W&L and played a huge role in my decision to enroll here. In the four years since that fateful tour, I have hung my coat up many times outside a stimulating and fascinating class. While I may not actually go uphill both ways, I know that every time I walk up to The Hill, the coat hooks and the classrooms will always be there.

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