Cyrus the Cadaver

30 Nov
Cyrus the Cadaver

Cyrus the Cadaver

Our special weekends on campus (Homecoming, Parents Weekend, Christmas Weekend, Alumni Weekend, etc.) are exciting times on campus where the entire student body comes out to celebrate together. During this busy term, I am sure many students were happy to see good ole’ Cyrus McCormick dressed in his Cadaver Best, marking the beginning of our last big weekend of the semester.

The Cadavers are our main secret society on campus. The rumor is that they are majority male Pre-Med students, but they may have expanded to other majors in recent years. The Cadavers wear masks and run around campus at night, putting up their symbol on the Gym, statues, and the football field. The legend is that if you unmask a Cadaver, they have to pay for your Medical/Grad School, but rest assured that they will not go down without a fight. Since the society donates quite a bit of money, the school overlooks their minor acts of vandalism in the name of a new fitness center.

As for our friend Cyrus McCormick, he was a Lexingtonian and inventor of the mechanical reaper. A famous and wealthy man in his day, Cyrus contributed a large sum of money to the school in the hopes that it would take on his name. Unfortunately for Cyrus, that didn’t happen, but the statue stands today on our Colonnade as a testament to his contribution.


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