Something Special

26 Nov

Unlike many schools, Washington and Lee offers a full week off from school for Thanksgiving. The extra two days of Monday and Tuesday allows students to reach home with plenty of time to fully relax and decompress. As students return to campus one usually finds that most simply chose to sleep, eat, and do as little as possible over break. Many used the week off to recharge for the soon to come exam week.

Also differing from many schools, W&L grants students a full week to take all of their exams. There are no pre-set scheduled exam times or arrangements. Each student individually chooses when he or she will take their exams that week. This freedom to choose lessens the stress of a foreboding exam week, even if only slightly.

The ability to choose your own exam schedule is one of the many examples of trust and freedom that the school gives to students.  These opportunities are some of the reasons why W&L is so unique and special. To some people Washington and Lee may be special because of the location of the school amidst the Blue Ridge Mountains or the history and traditions of the school. For others it may be the assurance that the school itself believes its students to be good enough citizens and to not cheat while taking an exam alone. Any number of reasons make this school a unique and special place; you just have to find which one does it for you.


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