Food, Fun, and Philanthropy!

28 Oct

Buffalo wings, hotdogs, and… philanthropy?! That’s right – this month, several of our sororities on campus combined favorite foods with games and excitement to raise money for charity. Just last night, Pi Phi hosted “Pi Phi Gives You Wings,” which was exactly what it sounded like: the sorority sold hot wings from Macado’s (a popular local restaurant), and delivered them straight to students anywhere, anytime on campus. Students could also order them instantly from the ‘wing hotline’ (just text for wings!), or buy them steaming fresh from the quad. From the freshman dorms to the Woods Creek apartments, Pi Phi girls were seen walking all around campus, carrying stacked boxes of wings to their hungry and very happy owners. All proceeds were donated to support literacy in elementary education.

This was just one of the many successful food-filled philanthropy events hosted by the sororities. Earlier this weekend, KD organized its “Wieners on Windfall,” which drew large crowds with its hotdogs, wiffleball tournament, and patriotic themed costumes. During this month, Chi O also celebrated its annual Chili Cookoff, “Chili con Chi O,” which featured a competition for the best chili, along with cornbread and games, while Kappa held “Kappas Con Queso,” a Mexcian-themed fundraiser with chips and queso, music, and dancing. This is only a glimpse at some of the many philanthropic endeavors shown by our sororities here on campus. As always, they were filled with good will, good food, and of course, good times.

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