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Winter Term Ending

12 Apr

I can’t believe winter term is almost over.  It seems like only yesterday I was walking to my first spanish class of 2012 and now I am about to take the exam. This was my first winter at W&L and I loved every bit of it (though I wish we had more snow). Spring break is coming fast but that only means spring term is around the corner!  This has been an amazing first year and I am so glad I made the choice to be a General.

Spring Break

15 Mar

It MUST be Texas spring break right now because lately the tours have been packed with Texans. As a Texas native, I have absolutely loved giving tours this week! We have had so many people travel far this past week to see our school and I couldn’t be more proud to show them around!

Spring Break in New Orleans!

27 Apr

This is the first week of Spring Term and it is every much as enjoyable as anticipated. I now have some time to tell you about my Spring Break in New Orleans. This year I decided to apply for the alternative break opportunity offered by Nabors Service League. This organization hosts two alternative break trips per year in a different city each time. Students spend a week working with different service organizations and hosted by W&L alumni. For Spring Break, we spent two days at Kingsley House working with HeadStart students and senior citizens. The other two days we spent working on a Habitat for Humanity site helping the coordinators construct four houses for four qualified families. I painted a house for the first time. I built a porch for the first time. It was such a rewarding experience because we were able to see the impact that we are making in the community. We also had free time to explore the French Quarters, Bourban Street, a variety of New Orleans cruisine, the Tulane night scene… I can honestly say that this has been the best Spring Break I have ever had, both rewarding and memorable.

Rewarding Experience

17 Apr

Busy exam week is finally over… It’s time to enjoy spring break! I am particularly thrilled about this upcoming week because I am going to New Orleans, Louisiana with Nabors Service League. We will be working with two service organizations: Kingsley House and Habitat for Humanity. It is a wonderful opportunity to spend an entire week providing help to those who truly need it. I believe that volunteering is an extremely rewarding experience. The best feeling in the world is when I see joy in the eyes of other people who are very thankful for even little help that I am able to provide. Fortunately, W&L offers numerous community service opportunities locally, across the country, and even abroad! You can always find something that matches your interests and your schedule!

North Mountain

9 May

Here is a picture from a recent hike up north mountain over spring break.

Spring Break and Spring Term!!!!

28 Apr

For my April Break, my pledge class along with a bunch of other sororities and fraternities rented houses at the beach in Alabama. We all had so much fun together and it was nice to spend time with each other when nothing else was going on. Not only did my pledge class bond even further, but we also spent quality time with our other classmates. Everyone was so relaxed after exams, and we all had a great time just hanging out! Nonetheless, we were all so excited to return to campus for the beginning of Spring Term!

Everyone is taking full advantage of Spring Term this year. All of my friends seem to be enjoying their classes, and loving the amount of free time. The weather has been great, and the whole campus is enjoying spring time in Lexington. I am taking a Freshman Seminar Anthropology class called “The Wired Self”.  It focusses on how cell phones and the Internet are changing both individuals and society. My professor put together a lot of great readings that are so engaging and interesting. I have never taken an Anthropology class before, and I especially like this one because the topics and discussions are so current. I can understand and relate to all the things we talk about.It’s only been two days, but so far I’m loving Spring Term!

Spring Break

27 Apr

at the end of our half marathon

Spring Break On Campus

25 Apr

Women’s lacrosse has been working extremely hard all year and it has finally paid off! We are the top seed in the ODAC tournament and therefore will host the tournament on our field! We’re practicing all week with the semi-final game this Wednesday and then the championship on Sunday if we win!

While all of campus left last week for Spring Break, all of the spring sports teams remained to continue with practice and games. It was tough to say ‘bye’ to all of our friends and campus got very quiet (especially in the dorms!). But we had a great time as a team and had team lunches and dinners along with other fun bonding events! The First-Years bonded over a trip to Kroger to buy picnic food for a hang out at the Colonnade, breakfasts at Sweet Treats, and shopping with the Seniors in Lynchburg.

We even had “The General’s Cup” where our team was split into three groups and we all had to dress up and compete in a series of drills. The costumes were hysterical and the final event of the day was a scavenger hunt through town. The looks on the faces of those driving past us were those of confusion and wonder as we were running in and out of stores dressed in our outfits to try and win the competition!

In the end, Spring Break on campus isn’t really all that bad… especially when you are working towards holding an ODAC trophy!

Spring Break…finally!

16 Apr

Now that I am officially on spring break, I can begin to prepare for the week of service that awaits me in a rural town in West Virginia. The other first-year Bonners, Melissa Caron, our dedicated coordinator, and I will be collaborating with Step-by-Step, a community-based after school program, to design health and wellness programming to teach youth about nutrition, exercise, and some of the origins of their food in a fun and educational manner. We are all very excited about this opportunity to continue serving the community during break and to learn about the unique nature of rural poverty that many of us are unfamiliar with.

The Bonner Leaders Program is an excellent opportunity for students who are already passionate about community service because it involves not only direct service and leadership possibilities, but also, training and enrichment activities that enable participants to increase their capabilities and prepare for careers in the non-profit and for-profit sectors. If you are interested in learning more about this excellent program, check out our website at: http://www.wlu.edu/x21524.xml.

The Perfect Study Break

15 Apr

Hey everyone! I’m writing to you not from Lexington, but from Irvine, CA where I’m spending my Spring Break. I left W&L yesterday after having finished my exams/papers early so I could spend extra time at home before heading to Germany for Spring Term (hooray for self-scheduled exams). Yesterday, though, amidst frantically attempting to finish my 4,000 word Term Paper on agricultural development in Israel, I took a study break with three friends. Two of us are going to be gone for Spring Term so this was our last chance to hang out before we all part ways for several months.

We headed out to one of my favorite places in the Rockbridge area, Foamhenge!! Foamhenge is, just like it sounds, a replica of Stonehenge made entirely out of foam. It is awesome. It’s a great example of the quirky road-side attraction-type places we have in Natural Bridge, just a few miles does the road from Lexington. It shows just how much character the area surrounding Lex has, which is one of the reasons I love it so much. Not only is W&L a fabulous school, it’s in an even more fabulous area. My friends and I all took lunches to-go from dhall/the sorority houses and had a picnic lunch amidst the foam, recounting events of the year. We shared favorite memories, how we met, and of course took lots of pictures. It was a great afternoon!!


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